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The MINI 230 is our original idea

Innovative idea (year 2017)
to create the smallest
regatta yacht

Designed by Leszek Gonciarz

Slup sails
and the natural position of the helsman

Allows you to learn sailing
during the weekend
The MINI 230 is a modern craft designed to be able to sail
on any water basins
This yacht is for large and small sailing enthusiasts,
both for the racing and recreational sailing
Also, suitable for the disabled person
Made using high quality materials

Light, easy to launch and transport
(more news

At the turn of May and June we plan a MINI 230 cruise on the route Kołobrzeg - Nexo (Bornholm island)
details soon...
The "Trade Fair" award in the "Small Sailing Yachts" category
NEW PRODUCTS on offer:
  • the possibility of adding ballast
  • choosing the type of sails
  • ......
Journalists' award on
First MINI 230 match racing
Rajgrodzkie Lake - 21.10.2017
                                      see report
First prize won by MINI 230
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