Offer - Mini230

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1. Yacht MINI 230 with full rigging:
    • basic sails (main and jib sail, horizontal cut, white)
    • covers set: sails, mast, boom, daggerboard and rudder
    • aluminium yacht stand

2. Additional elements (separate items in the price list)
    • regatta sails BlackLine (main and jib sail, special radial cut)
      • interchangeably for basic sails
      • additional set
    • storm sails (main and jib sail, horizontal cut, white)
    • yacht trolley
    • cover for the top of the yacht
    • ballast (one piece - 6,5 kg)

In the case of shipment, the yacht is packed in a transport box in a condition requiring the owner only to tacle the unit after removal from the box

Lead time: around 14 days
Documents: purchase contract including guarantee and VAT invoice

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details

Check how easy it is to prepare
the MINI 230 for sailing:
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